The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Two
State Regulation of Telecommunications Operation, Service and Manufacture


Article 11.  Basis for expiry of licences

  1. A licence shall expire on the working day following the last day of the term of the licence, unless the licence holder applies for an extension.
  2. A licence shall terminate before the expiry of its term in the event of:
    1. 1) the dissolution of the licence holder;
      2) the failure of the licence holder to conduct operations or provide services in accordance with the licence within the first year of holding the licence;
      3) the revocation of the licence at the instance of the authority which issued the licence on the grounds that the licence holder has failed to perform its obligations under law or contract, or at the request of the licence holder.
  3. If a licence expires, the relevant licensing authority shall notify the registration authority where the licence was registered.