The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Three
Telecommunications Networks

Article 16.  Postal networks

  1. “Postal network” means the equipment and facilities for receiving, sorting, transporting and delivering postal items.
  2. “Core postal network” means the postal network used for international and domestic postal exchange.
  3. The activities of the core postal network shall be regulated by the State.
  4. The timetabling of postal deliveries shall be determined as follows:
    1. 1) for international postal delivery, by bilateral agreement with each foreign country;
      2) for national postal delivery between Aimags, the capital city, Soums and towns by the decision of the Minister in charge of postal delivery;
      3) for local postal delivery within the capital city and each of the districts, Soums, bags, towns and villages by the decision of the Governor of each territory.
  5. Individuals, business entities and organisations holding a licence to provide public transport shall deliver postal items between Aimags, the capital city, Soums, towns and bags in accordance with contracts with the relevant post office.