The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Four
Rights and Obligations of Public Telecommunications Operators and Customers

Article 24.  Rights and duties of customers

  1. In addition to the rights determined by the contract to provide telecommunications services, a customer shall have the following rights:
    1. 1) to select and use any equipment (telephone, telex, facsimile, radio and any other devices necessary for the operation of such equipment) which complies with standards for the telecommunications network and other technical requirements;
      2) to receive timely notification of any fault in the telecommunications network and to have such fault repaired;
      3) to receive compensation under the Civil Law for any loss caused by interruption to a telecommunications service (except where that loss results from a natural disaster or other unexpected accident), failure to operate equipment, or loss of or damage to postal items; and
      4) to have the use of post office boxes in post offices.
  2. In addition to the obligations imposed by contract, a customer shall have the following obligations:
    1. 1) to protect the telecommunications network and other equipment located on the customerís premises, and inform the operator of all actual and potential damage to the network or to any equipment;
      2) to pay charges provided by contract for telecommunications services promptly;
      3) to obtain a licence from the central State administrative body in charge of telecommunications for the installation and use of telecommunications equipment which generates a frequency of over 9 kHz, to register such equipment and not to hinder the efficient functioning of equipment operated by others.