The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Five
Protection of Telecommunications Network

Article 26.  Rights of way

  1. “Telecommunications right of way” means an area of land and space designated for a telecommunications network by the assigned land authority of Mongolia.

  2. The dimensions of a right of way shall include:
      1) an area 10 metres on either side of all overhead lines;
      2) an area 5 metres on either side of all cables;
      3) the area within a 300 metre radius of a station established for transmission via microwave station or satellite; and
      4) any area considered harmful to humans because of the capacity of radio and television transmitting equipment.
    Areas designated as rights of way by sub-paragraph 1 and 2 of paragraph 1 of this article may vary between cities and villages.
  3. An operator holding a licence to provide telecommunications services and operations through a telecommunications network shall use rights of way in accordance with the legislation.
  4. All disputes arising in relation to rights of way shall be resolved by the central State administrative body in charge of telecommunications and by the relevant local authority in accordance with their respective powers.