The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Five
Protection of Telecommunications Network

Article 27.  Protection of rights of way

  1. An operator is deemed to be the legal owner of a right of way.
  2. Signs indicating rights of way shall be erected along the telecommunications lines.
  3. The following actions shall be prohibited within an area designated as a right of way:
    1. 1) the construction of buildings including gers and fences and the planting of trees;
      2) the disposal of any heavy objects or chemical or caustic substances which may cause damage to telecommunications lines in a right of way;
      3) the transportation of an excessively tall load in or across a right of way.
  4. Any activity carried out or which may cause disturbance to land which is designated as a right of way requires the prior consent of the owner of the right of way. Any person who carries out such activity shall be responsible for the cost of restoring the land to its natural state.