The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Two
State Regulation of Telecommunications Operation, Service and Manufacture

Article 7.  Powers of Governors at all territorial levels

  1. Governors at each territorial level shall exercise the following powers:
    1. 1) to formulate policy on the improvement of telecommunications services and the effective delivery of those services to the population in their territory, and to implement that policy in cooperation with the relevant authorities;
      2) to supervise and manage timetables for the delivery of mail in their territory;
      3) to establish a system for the allocation of identifiable addresses in each street, square, building, apartment and fence in the capital city and every Aimag, district, Soum, horoo, town and village in their territory;
      4) to assist in the organisation of services to prevent failure of the telecommunications network in the event of a natural disaster or other calamity.
  2. Governors at each territorial level shall have authority to approve the installation and use of local radio and television networks.