The Law of Mongolia on Telecommunications
Chapter Two
State Regulation of Telecommunications Operation, Service and Manufacture


Article 8.  Licences

  1. Licences for carrying out telecommunications operations, services and manufacture (hereinafter referred to as “licences”) shall be issued for the purposes of:
    1. 1) the installation and operation of a core telecommunications network;
      2) the provision of telecommunications to the public through a telecommunications network set up for internal purposes;
      3) the use of radio frequencies;
      4) the manufacture of technical and electrical equipment for information and communications; and
      5) the manufacture of postal securities.
  2. If the requirements provided by legislation are satisfied, a licence shall be issued to:
    1. 1) a business entity, organisation or citizen of Mongolia;
      2) a business entity with foreign investment incorporated under the laws of Mongolia.
  3. A licence may be issued to a foreign legal person by the central State administrative body in charge of telecommunications with the permission of the Government.
  4. If a business entity, organisation or individual wishes to carry on an operation or provide a service for a purpose other than one of the purposes for which a licence may be issued under paragraph 1 of this article, the applicant shall inform the central State administrative body for telecommunications or the relevant authority of that purpose and apply for registration.