CH1: General Provisions
A1. Purpose of this law
A2. Legislation on telecommunications
A3. Definitions in this law

CH2: State Regulation of Telecommunications Operation, Service and Manufacture
A4. Powers of the central State administrative body for telecommunications
A5. Regulatory council
A6. Powers of the regulatory council
A7. Powers of Governors at all territorial levels
A8. Licences
A9. Applications for licences
A10. Duration of licences
A11. Basis for expiry of licences
A12. Revocation of licences
A13. State control of telecommunications operations, services and manufacture

CH3: Telecommunications Networks
A14. Types of telecommunications network
A15. Telecommunications networks
A16. Postal networks
A17. Radio and television broadcasting network
A18. Telecommunications network for a special purposes
A19. Telecommunications networks for internal purposes
A20. Connection to the core telecommunications network
A21. Mobilisation of telecommunications networks

CH4: Rights and Obligations of Public Telecommunications Operators and Customers
A22. Rights and obligations of operators and customers
A23. Rights and obligations of operators
A24. Rights and duties of customers

CH5: Protection of Telecommunications Network
A25. General obligations of individuals, business entities and organisations
A26. Rights of way
A27. Protection of rights of way
A28. Liability for breach of this law
A29. Compensation for loss

(November 16, 1995)