News/Events – 2002

December 7-8, 2002 First Asia Regional Meeting

The First Asia Regional Meeting of Country Gateways was held on Dec 7-8 in Seoul, Korea. Ms.Narantsetseg was participated in the meeting representing Mongolia Development Gateway (MnDG) team.

October 28, 2002 Mongolia Development Gateway Organization

The initiatives of Mongolia Development Gateway project, implemented by InfoCon Co., and funded by World Bank InfoDev Program, established a non-governmental, non for profit organization on 23th October 2002. The Steering Board is included 9 members, namely, N.Togtokh, Member of Mongolian Parliament; U.Ulambayar, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Mongolia; Saha Dhevan Meyanathan, Resident Representative of World Bank Office in Mongolia; T.Galbaatar, Vice-President of Mongolian Academy of Science; B.Narantsetseg, General Director of “InfoCon” ICT Consulting Company; T.Lkhagvasuren, President of Universities Consortium, Director of Medical University of Mongolia; S.Demberel, Director of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry; John Robert Savageau, CEO of Magicnet Co., Ltd. and R.Oyun, General Director of JEMR Co., Ltd. The members discussed and approved the charter of organization, voted the organizational issues. Ms. B.Narantsetseg was elected as the Chairman of the Steering Board of Mongolia Development Gateway. more >>

September 22 – October 02, 2002 Bay Bytes Rural Technology Forum, Canada

Ms. B. Narantsetseg, General Director of InfoCon Co., Ltd, has presented about ICT & Rural Development of Mongolia on the Rural Technology Forum-Bay Bytes 2002, organized by the Canadian Technology Network and the College of the North Atlantic in Canada. Field visits to Labradort and Newfoundland were arranged by the organizers to introduce visitors the impact of IT in Rural development of Canada. more >>

August 12-16, 2002

” Developing Web based learning materials” 5 day seminar was jointly organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Education and Culture, “Introducing Internet based distance education in Mongolia” and “Mongol education” team of MFOS (Soros Foundation). The seminar was held from 12th to 16th August in Ulaanbaatar. Fifty educators and 20 policy makers including 25 rural teachers participated in the seminar. Seminar consisted of 2 main parts: 1.5 days plenary session and 3.5 days training sessions. This was the third seminar of series of training seminars of “Internet based distance education” project. InfoCon acted as project manager.
more >>

July 9-10, ICEIC- 2002, Conference

ICEIC-2002 international conference was organized jointly by Mongolian University for Science and Technology and Korean Electronic Engineers Association on 9-10 July in Ulaanbaatar. Ms.Narantsetseg, InfoCon participated to make an academic presentation on “Knowledge based economy in Mongolia”. more >>

July 8-10, 2002 – Mongolia CG meeting will be held in Ulaanbaatar to discuss progress , challenges ahead

Representatives from international donor organizations met with high- level officials of the Government of Mongolia July 8-10 in Ulaanbaatar to discuss progress made in economic reforms and in poverty reduction. MnDG representative attended in the informal discussion session of the meeting. more >>

June 11, 2002 – online mathematics CD published

Within “Online mathematic” project, project team published a CD for the rural students and teachers, those who are unable to reach the Internet. This project was implemented by our company. more >>

May 18, 2002 – World Bank President Visit

World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn made his first official visit to Mongolia from 16th to 18th May, 2002. During this high-level visit, InfoCon has participated in the organization of the knowledge event, which was held on third day of the visit. InfoCon has attended in three events: in MnDG project introduction – as a MnDG implementer, in launching ceremony of WB local office web site – as a service provider and as a participant in private sector meeting. more >>

March 11 MICOM is connected!

After a lot of time of preparation, as a result of enormous efforts today MICOM joined MIX. MICOM is a Telecom Mongolia subsidiary, and second big ISP of Mongolia. The primarily users of MICOM are government agencies. Now all Mongolian ISP’s have joined MIX. more >>

March 8 The Lady Entrepreneur of the Year – 2001

The General Director of InfoCon Co., was awarded the “THE LADY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR”. “This is a result of team work” she said.

January 30 ICT sector’s Donor Meeting

The ICT sector’s Donor Meeting was held on January 30. In this meeting InfoCon presented report on E-readiness assessment of Mongolia, which was developed by Mongolian Development Gateway project team, funded by World Bank InfoDev program. more >>