News/Events – 2005

November 2-4, 2005 “Future of Mongolian Open and Distance learning” a national seminar

“Future of Mongolian Open and Distance Learning” a national seminar was jointly organized by UNESCO Beijing Office, MOSTEC and National University of Mongolia from 2-4 November, 2005 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Representatives from InfoCon Company have presented two papers. Viz., “Using open source software for open and distance learning” and “Internet based distance education in Mongolia” .

September 15-17, 2005 “The 19th AAOU Annual Conference”

The 19th AAOU Annual Conference on “Building Knowledge-Based Society through Open and Distance Education” was held on September 15-17, 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Representative from InfoCon introduced the “Evaluation and adaptation of Open Source Software (OSS) for Distance Learning in Asia” project at the conference. This annual conference provides a forum for sharing of ideas on providing affordable education for Asian people to create the knowledge-based society for all. For further information, please visit the Conference website: (AAOU – Asian Association of Open Universities).

15 July, 2005 “Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy”

Representative from InfoCon company participated in “Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy” meeting organized by the “Individual Initiative Institute”. Mr. Lawrence W. Reed, the president of the midland based Mackinac centre for Public Policy gave a speech on “Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy” to the participants.

May 10-15, 2005 “PAN-dora Distance and Open Resource Access first regional meeting”

IDRC supported PAN-dora (Pan Asia Networking, Distance and Open Resource Access) network meeting has been held in Singapore , May 10-15. The main objective of the meeting of the partner organizations were to detail and plan PAN-dora projects first year activities. In the meeting director of InfoCon has signed memorandum of grant condition with PAN-dora project leader Prof. Naveed Malik.

April 27-28, 2005 “Health education and distance learning” a national seminar

” Health education and distance learning” a national seminar was jointly organized by Health Sciences university of Mongolia and the InfoCon company. Participants included government officials, medical professionals and directors of all aimag hospitals.
Speakers from Health Science University and InfoCon were concentrating on urgent needs of delivering high quality education to rural medical professionals using distance learning techniques. During the seminar video conference were held with univerity teachers and professors of Nagoya University , Japan .