News/Events – 2006

Nov 6 – Nov 11, 2006.  2nd Global Forum on Business Incubation: Empowering Economies through ICT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

By representing “NewPath” Technology Business Incubator project team, senior software developer, Mr. Mendbayar participated for the “2nd Global Forum on Business Incubation” in Hyderabad, India.  This event drew more than 300 participants from 60-70 countries, including representatives of the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors. It provided an opportunity to:

  • Network with other participants to informally exchange ideas and explore opportunities for partnership
  • Learn from the achievements and lessons of infoDev’s Global Network of Incubators
  • Attend training sessions designed to increase the capacity of incubator managers, and
  • Initiate plans of action for regional and global networks of organizations seeking to promote ICT-enabled entrepreneurship and innovation

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Aug 21 – Sep 04, 2006. Training on “Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Distance Education Materials”

Prof. Jon Baggaley from Athabasca University – Canada’s Open University visited Mongolia with the invitation of InfoCon LLC, Health Sciences University of Mongolia and English for Special Purposes Foundation. InfoCon LLC is presently working on “Evaluation and Adaptation of OSS for DE in Asia” project with support from IDRC and VU, Pakistan. The missions of Prof. Jon’s visit to Mongolia included training of project staffs in partner institutions. The 4 days training mainly focused on Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Distance Education Materials.


Aug 12 -16, 2006. Impact Assessment and Lessons Learned from InfoDev’s Global Network of Incubators

In order to assess Incubator Initiative in Mongolia, Dr. Ian Davies, who is World Bank InfoDev Consultant, is visiting to Mongolia during 12 August-16 August, 2006. He is working with the World Bank InfoDev Program on its final stage, a study for the World Bank, called the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Impact Assessment and Lessons Learned from infoDev’s Global Network of Business Incubators Project. The final stage project objectives globally are simple, as follows:

1. Describe and assess the overall infoDev initiative
2. Draw out challenges (problems) and lessons learned for infoDev, its stakeholders and the broader community of ICT-enabled entrepreneurial and innovative organizations
3. Describe and derive insights on the role of business incubation relative to the business environment and their influence on entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth in the developing world

This assessment process is composed of two stages, An On-line Survey and On-site Visit by Dr. Ian Davies. During his visit, Dr. Ian Davies met with the project team and stakeholders in order to assess the current situation of the project. Those stakeholders are InfoCon LLC, Mongolian Development Gateway, NGO, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Institutes of Mongolian Academy of Sciences.


May 22-24, 2006. International symposium on ICTs in Social Development

Three participants from Mongolia including InfoCon staff has presented papers in An International Symposium on Information and Communication Technology in Social Development which was organised by the ASEAN Foundation and held at the Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Jakarta, Indonesia click here for complete story


April 20-23 2006. PANdora 2nd Research Synthesis Meeting, Lahore, Pakistan>

The 2006 gathering of the IDRC-funded PANdora project members was held in Lahore, Pakistan. InfoCon leads “Evaluation and Adaptation of Open Source software for Distance learning in Asia” a sub-project of PANdora project. This sub-project is a joint initiative of 4 different institutions from four Asian countries. For more information about this project Click here


February 20-23, 2006, InfoDev’s initiatives for Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia

As today’s world economy changes rapidly, innovation and moreover information communication technology is becoming key for successes in entrepreneurship. With this point of view, The World Bank’s Information for Development (infoDev) program is working across the world and now even reached to us, to developing Mongolia, the very centre of Asia.

>One of the most recent significant activities was a workshop “Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia: Strategies and Partnerships”, which is organized in Manila city, Philippines, on February 20-23, 2006, At the workshop’s opening, World Bank program administrator Vivek Chaudry encouraged the non-IT businesses to participate and take advantage of ICT enablers that will help improve their productivity and efficiency. “Regardless of your business, you need to use IT. Every company today needs to have a component of knowledge, and that knowledge comes from IT,” he said.

“InfoCon” Ltd is implementing a project to establish technology business incubator in Mongolia, with support of InfoDev, and currently working on preparatory stage. Three representatives from Mongolia, participated for the workshop including project manager Mr. O. Amartuvshin. Mongolian representatives presented current situation of ICT enabled SME & innovation incubation situation & policy in Mongolia.


January 11, 2006. One day seminar organised on the issue of transferring R&D into production.

On 11, 01 2006,  a seminar organised among the mongolian national leading researchers at the Science Academy of Chemistry and Science Academy of Psychics & Informatics. This seminar was the fifth seminar which organised by the “NewPath – Technology Business Incubator” project team.

During one day seminar scientists discussed on the possiblities of applying their R&D works, experiments into new products. The R&D works were exposed to the project team after the seminar and those works are “Chaga” tea, Mongolian Ampet, Construction materials and chemical solvents for medicine etc.

Moreover scientist were deeply interested joining for the incubator as well as to submit their R&D projects if possible. The main problem for the Academy and sceintists were lack of financial resource, business knowledge & skills.

As result of the seminar more than 50 scientists are agreed to submit their R&D project info’s to the database at the “NewPath” business technology incubator.