Policy and Practice in Asian Distance Education

This book has been designed for the orientation and training of special-ists in open and distance learning methods in Asia. It is the outcome of the collaborative PANdora research and development initiative (2005-08) between 24 open and distance learning (0Dl) institutions, government departments and non-governmental organisations in 13 Asian countries.

Tian Belawati is Rector, Universitas Terbuka (Indonesia Open University), Indonesia

Jon Baggaley is Professor of Educational Technology, Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.

Contributors: Irma Adnan, Jon Baggaley, Batpurev Batchuluun,  Buyandelger Batsaikhan, Tian Belawati, Gajaraj Dhanarajan, Chen Haishan, Sarmad Hussain, Naveed Malik, Atif Mirza, Dewi Padmo, Santosh Panda, Kristanti Ambar Puspitasari, Angelo J. Ramos, Nazir Sangi, Ludivica Endang Setijorini, Sana Shams, Jerome P. Trinona, Gihan Wikramanayake, Chang Yeul Yang, Li Yawan

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