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I have had the pleasure of working with InfoCon Co.,Ltd since 2008. InfoCon Co.,Ltd and their technical
people provided all types of ICT services we needed for our projects in government accountability and
civic engagement. InfoCon Co.,Ltd has assisted us in designing ICT project in our target provinces and
developed the public websites of …13 soums (provincial districts) of 8 aimags (provinces) and short
messaging systems in 20 soums. They also trained 20 information officers of all 20 target soums . Their
IT solution and works greatly contributed to the government transparency and public service in our
targets. The package of the IT services were replicated to other six soums four provinces.
Prior to InfoCon Co.,Ltd we were seeking ICT services from different companies which was difficult
manage as our ICT needs were distributed. Not only do they have great ICT consulting expertise, their
capabilities to manage ICT projects, troubleshoot and solve IT problems not only saves time but money.

Naranjargal Khashkhuu
President and CEO, Globe International Center, NGO

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