Events and Workshops

The company organizes workshops and seminars to strengthen the awareness of the potential customers on ICT application advantages and modern trends of the technology in order to better facilitate our customers to develop further, whilst broadening our market opportunities.

– “Introducing of Technology based Distance Learning Methodology” seminar, August 12-16, 2002 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (

We managed to organize jointly with Web based Distance Education in Mongolia” project team (supported by IDCR, Canada), Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation) and Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Culture two-days seminar on “Introducing of Technology based Distance Learning Methodology” followed by three days training for teachers (30 from rural out of 50 total participants). More than 40 officials and representatives from government, educational institutions and international organizations attended the seminar.

– “Development of Mongolia – Information and Communication Technology” National seminar, February 7, 2001, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (

To make modern information and communication technology (ICT) into a tool for the development of Mongolia and its people is the central topic of a gathering 140 of state officials, the private sector, academic people and representatives of civil societies. The government of Mongolia, SIH Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, United Nations Development Program and the Mongolian Foundation for Open Society are jointly organized the Development of Mongolia and ICT National Seminar that chaired by Prime Minister of Mongolia and as result of this seminar, created the National Committee for ICT headed by Prime Minister.

– “School Internet-2000” International Conference, July 19-21, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Education of Mongolia and the Mongolian Foundation initiated this international conference for Open Society (Soros Foundation). The main purpose of the conference was to compare the ICT application level with other countries, exchange the experience and information, collaborate, exchange the opinions about the possible extension of ICT into educational sector, and introduce to about the projects of the Education Resource Network (I*EARN). 180 teachers and students from schools in the cities and in the countryside and 40 high level officials, foreign guests have participated in this conference.