Research and Training, Research Publications

Research and Training

InfoCon assists clients with training on the use of computers and information technology applications, training of staff on designing the web page, training on the benefits of IT, training on policy and legislation relative to the development of IT infrastructures in developing countries, particularly in Mongolia.

The company conducts following research works:
Analysis on use of existing systems and introducing detailed proposals of emerging application and services
Technology analysis (technology trend, R & D competence, competition analysis)
Social economic and marketing research in various fields
Search and collect information on Internet and information technology
Assessment, design and implementation of the IT systems

Research Publications
Current status of ICT development in Mongolia 2003, Report
ICT Market trends in Mongolia, Study Report, 2003
Mongolia chapter of the Digital Review of Asia Pacific, Book, 2003
Accounting and Billing Software produced by Mongolian companies, Study report, 2002
Internet caf? and Gaming centers in Ulaanbaatar, Study Report, 2002
E-readiness and E-Needs Assessment of Mongolia for the Networked World, Study Report, 2002 under the scope of activities “Mongolia Development Gateway” project, funded by InfoDev program of World Bank and managed by InfoCon.
Use of Internet and Internet based services in Mongolia and Policy Considerations in Developing E-jobs and E-services in Mongolia, Survey report, 2001 in the framework of “Cross-Border E-services” project, UNDP
ICT and Green-Coop development in Mongolia, Study report, 2001 under the scope of activities “Electronic Women Empowerment through Women’s Green Co-op in North East Asia” project, UNDP and Korean Women Development Institute   more info