Distance Diagnosis / Consultation in Health Care for Rural PeopleHealthcare and Telemedicine

"Distance Diagnosis/Consultation in Health Care for Rural People" Project is carried out for two years involving multiple stakeholders.

National University of Mongolia and International Development Research Center acted as the Executing agency and the Supporting agency respectively. We provided IT consulting along with the IT architecture, solution development and implementation.


Mongolian countrywide health care infrastructure and rural medical services are well underdeveloped and supply of health care professionals in remote rural areas limited. Because of inadequate infrastructure, it is growing more difficult to provide health care in remote and rural areas and to transport patients properly. The severity of these challenges discourages doctors and health care professional from taking up the challenge of working in remote areas of the country.

Low population density, severe climate, a very long and cold winter, poor transportation and communication and inadequate infrastructure make delivery of health services to rural population difficult and complex. People in rural areas have no access to the same quality of health care provided to urban population.

Medical doctors in rural areas still have the same need of attending continuous training and retraining comparable to their peers working in urban hospitals. However, it is not always possible for professionals working in countryside to leave their work posts at local hospitals and attend to various training courses.


The Doctor system proved to be useful for distance diagnosis and consulting services for health care in case of low bandwidth connectivity. Doctor system does not try to transmit real time video as compared to other systems. The low bandwidth problem caused many such foreign made software fail to achieve what they intended. One of the problems spotted while testing and using the system was that the most of the medical professionals in the country were not familiar with simple usage of personal computers and thus needing additional training. Other problem was that many consultant professors were afraid of giving advice of treatment in case of crucial patients. The reason they said was that they are not seeing the patient and not touching him/her physically.


The project, “ICT’s FOR HEALTH SERVICES IN RURAL MONGOLIA” has been successfully completed by HSUM in three years.

By the numbers, the effort:

  • 11 provinces participated officially for the project activities.  Considering the needs of introducing distance learning to rural medical professionals, project advisory team decided to provide computers, printers, HUBs and networking cable to 21 rural aimag hospitals, letting them to take part in the project activities unofficially.
  • 61 personal computers were donated from Funabashi Joho Business College, Japan. New printers and HUBs were allocated to the provincial hospitals.
  • Total of 976 doctors, lecturers and researchers attended project seminars, trainings during the two year.
  • 163 physicians associated with the distance learning system.
  • “Doctor System” developed and implemented for the intended stakeholders.
  • “Distance Learning System” for medical sector developed and implemented.
  • 7 physicians associated with the Doctor system and 83 patients were advised regarding their diagnoses and treatments.
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