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This project is an initiative of International Development Research Center (IDRC). The Objective of this project is to build local language computing capacity in regional institutions of Asia.

Phase II of PAN Localization project will research into challenges associated with digital literacy of end-users using the localized technology for communication and to produce local language content.


IDRC supported project will also continue to further mature the language technology in the target languages. This regional project is collaboration between National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences of Pakistan and the following partner organizations across developing Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri-Lanka). The project team from Mongolia consists of InfoCon Co Ltd, National University of Mongolia and Mongolian University of Science and Technology and are developing Mongolian local language computing facilities in three broad categories; i.e, Natural language processing, Speech recognition and Localization of popular software.


The list of clients includes academic institutions, government and non-government organizations, banks, companies and entrepreneurs operating in various fields of industry, international organizations etc. The company has a strong technical expertise in computing and networking, extensive knowledge and data on ICT development in Mongolia and consultants with over 10 years of experience in business and information and communication technology.

team achievement

Localized Chat Client (Pidgin) , User Guide, License

Localized Seamonkey Web Browser and Email ClientLicense

CPI Team Members and their Designations

Batpurev Batchuluun, CEO, InfoCon Co. Ltd. Mongolia
, technical translation
, project assistant
, software developer
. technical translation
, junior translation
J. Batbayar
, junior software developer

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