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InfoCon Co., Ltd. is a competitive consulting firm, specializing in the delivery of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to a diverse clientele, including international and national organizations, corporations, and individuals. Our core activities focus on providing expert consulting and technical services, conducting comprehensive data and business analysis, and actively participating in ICT solutions development.
Our esteemed clientele comprises prominent entities such as the UN, government agencies, World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC), academic institutions, non-government organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurs across various industries. Notably, InfoCon takes pride in its expertise in ICT consulting services and possesses an in-depth understanding of the current information systems and needs within the Mongolian ICT sector. Our team of consultants collectively brings over 24 years of experience in both business and information and communication technology.


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  • 2000


    • InfoCon.,Co Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Mongolian nationals B.Narantsetseg (late), B.Unenbat and other Mongolians, along with American national Mr. John Savagejo and other citizens. B.Narantsetseg was one of the leaders of Mongolia's IT sector and was among the pioneers of the Mongolian ICT sector.
  • 2001

    Survey reports

    • Use of Internet and Internet based services in Mongolia and Policy Considerations in Developing E-jobs and E-services in Mongolia, Survey report, 2001 in the framework of "Cross-Border E-services" project, UNDP
    • ICT and Green-Coop development in Mongolia, Study report, 2001 under the scope of activities "Electronic Women Empowerment through Women's Green Co-op in North East Asia" project, UNDP and Korean Women Development Institute
  • 2002

    Study report

    • Accounting and Billing Software produced by Mongolian companies, Study report, 2002
    • Internet cafе and Gaming centers in Ulaanbaatar, Study Report, 2002
    • E-readiness and E-Needs Assessment of Mongolia for the Networked World, Study Report, 2002 under the scope of activities "Mongolia Development Gateway" project, funded by InfoDev program of World Bank and managed by InfoCon.
  • 2003

    Mongolia chapter of the Digital Review of Asia Pacific, Book

    • Current status of ICT development in Mongolia 2003, Report
    • ICT Market trends in Mongolia, Study Report, 2003
    • Mongolia chapter of the Digital Review of Asia Pacific, Book, 2003
  • 2006

    Mongolian 800 web pages handbook

    • Mongolian 800 web pages a handbook of adequate Mongolian content pages, 2006
    • Information and Communication Technology for Social Development, ASEAN foundation book, 2006
  • 2008

    Distance learning in Mongolia

    • PAN Localization Working Paper, 2008
    • Distance learning in Mongolia, 2008 (Book written by: Ch.Munkhzul)
    • Mongolia chapter of the Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2007/2008 (co-author)
    • 1000 web in Mongolia; an update of 800 web, 2007
  • 2011

    Leading employee of ICT sector

    Chief Executive Officer of InfoCon Co.,Ltd has been recognized and awarded as Leading employee of ICT sector by Information Communications Technology Agency of Mongolia

  • 2017

    Leading employee of Social Protection sector

    Chief Executive Officer of InfoCon Co.,Ltd has been recognized and awarded as Leading employee of Social Protection sector by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

  • 2023

    Information Technology Development, History and Memory

    Contributed a chapter about The Company's history.




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