The Improving Transport Services in Ger Areas project.

Public Transport Feedback System. The Improving Transport Services in Ger Areas project.Public feedback database (2023)

The Improving Transport Services in Ger Areas project aims to demonstrate interventions that improve the accessibility, safety, security and quality of transport services along the Chilgeltei corridor in the northern ger areas of Ulaanbaatar city through three outputs: (i) public transport access, facilities and services improved in Chingeltei corridor; (ii) pedestrian safety facilities and residents’ along Chingeltei street enhanced; and (iii) community-led behaviour change and community engagement enhanced. The project has strong pro-poor, socially inclusive and gender-sensitive features. The project will have wider impacts through the demonstration of solutions to improve safety, accessibility and quality of public transport services and improving road safety, which can be replicated in other transport corridors in Ulaanbaatar.

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