Mongolian Text To SpeechMongolian first Text To Speech software - research study (2006)

Research Findings.

The researches related with two core issues and some other relevant issues, the two core issues were Mongolian language and software development. Mongolian language is included in the language branch of Altaic  which has totally different  phonetics schema, structure and grammar than the western languages. Therefore relative studies were made on existing Mongolian language theories, thus the grammar theory of /Ts. Damdinsuren and others/ were found most proper for TTS.  It means that words are split into syllables and mostly each syllable begins with a consonant.  By deciding the way to process syllables into TTS, a research needed how to form words and to program the right pronouncing. Due to the pronunciation methodology of Mongolian language, especially  differentiating tones on the first, second and other syllables of word, following main rule developed for the TTS software.

  • The most of words in Mongolian language has tones in it’s first syllable
  • Beginning from the second syllables tones become lower
  • If a word ends with the characters / Н, Г /, the last syllable is almost not pronounced
  • For several cases, when a word includes, long or semi vowels, it’s tone become higher

Research and Development areas:

  • A base research for further development of TTS converters and related software in Mongolia, contributed to local language computing in Mongolia

    Project outputs in the form of software is planned to be disseminated under GNU/GPL license to the public.

  • Results:

    50 CD’s with text to speech converter software package for visually impaired people will be freely distributed and All the research results and outputs will be uploaded on website for free access and download..

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